Diamond Card

The Diamond Card entitles to a 10% discount on any purchases made at www.polediffusion.com for 60 days!*

Easy to join:

- Have made 3 orders, greater than or equal to 100 €, in the last 3 months

Diamond Card is valid for 2 months and is renewed every time you make a new purchase on www.polediffusion.com
*Discount code will be sent directly to your e-mail address within 2 working days from your 3rd order.
Discount code can be used for all orders equal or superior to 100 Euros and is valid for 60 days from e-mail receipt date and don't may be used in conjunction with other discounts and promotions.
Discount code is simply to use: digit the alpha-numeric code in the Cart section under “Digit Diamond Code”
The Diamond Card is not a credit card, voucher or cheque and the card remains the property of polediffusion.com who reserve the right to alter the conditions of use, or to withdraw it at any time without notice.
For a full description of our privacy policy and the protection of your personal information, please see the “Privacy” section.